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ir / rational by Kaleb Tutt

  • ir / rational by Kaleb Tutt


What are you afraid of? What is that thing you see hiding in the corner of your room? Ghosts? Clowns? Something even darker? They say fear is irrational, but the truth is that every fear has its origin. Explore the world of phobias in Kaleb Tutt's debut chapbook, ir / rational. Discover the meaning of fear through the lens of dolls and doppelgangers, buried coffins and hospital corridors, and maybe you'll learn how to overcome the irrational.

"Based around the fundamental approach of dismantling the unknown, these poems dive head first into (seemingly) unexplainable fears that we share our showers and bedrooms with. Many of these works flow through what could be considered as a “logical” pattern of thoughts/concerns. The result makes the reading experience both intricate yet expedient simultaneously. Each poem opens with a line that creates the mood of the poem, but helps to further understand what its title encompasses. If you have ever wondered if “that” one in a million situation could happen, Tutt has opened the floor for its discussion."

Bradley Galimore - The Poetry Question