another final girl by vanessa maki

  • another final girl by vanessa maki

"another final girl" is a poetry chapbook that holds tight to a horror trope and takes it for a unique spin. When one thinks of a "final girl" they don't see a woman of color (let alone a black woman) and definitely not a queer woman of color. The chapbook overall explores the author's mental health and some of her trauma by using horror elements, as well as inserting some popular final girls into certain poems.

Advanced Praise for another final girl:

Vanessa Maki once again proves she is a poetic force to be reckoned with in her chapbook,
“another final girl.” Throughout, the chapbook dissects what it means to be a final girl. In the
poem “bleed” our speaker states “/ & we wipe the blood off our skin / we clean ourselves up /
make ourselves smile picture fuckin’ perfect / so we can be poster girls for survival / the
glimmering example for other girls.” Maki goes on to challenge the visual archetype of the final
girl that society puts forth, when in “picture perfect will never be me,” the speaker plainly states,
“the picture perfect final girl / is almost always a thin white girl / who kicks the ass of / whatever
wants her dead / so when people see me / labeled as a final girl / they can’t imagine it to be
Maki’s speaker interacts with famous final girls throughout her book; they share war stories,
show their scars, support one another, and are not only a mirror for the speaker, but for
ourselves. Maki is bold, and she handles the theme of trauma with such care that while reading
this collection, I couldn’t help but think of all the other final girls in my life--how I want to share
this book with them so they know they are not alone, and that surviving is constant.

- Marisa Silva-Dunbar, author of #becky (Maverick Duck Press) and EIC of Neon Mariposa Magazine